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Dr. Jungle's Animal Photos

Dr. Jungle is intended to be a depository of pet and animal images for identification of species and for showing the sheer beauty of the animals we share this planet with. While building we are collecting many different photos of various pets but could only display one or maybe two photos of each animal. Animal-Image allows us to display all the photos in the collection. In this way, the diversity of individual species can be shown to make identification easier.

Camera information for each photo is displayed when it is available within the photo EXIF or IPTC information. Hopefully, this will give an indication of how to take excellent pictures and can identify the photographer. The photos in this archive are not necessarily all good photos, some of them are poor quality public domain images, but are included to show diversity within animal species.

We will update this photo archive with any new photos we acquire and hopefully we can fill it out to become a very useful resource with the help of contributors and new acquisitions by Animal-World.